A young activity with a solid experience in naval sector

Gaia boatyard, is located in Naples and it is one of the company with the higher number of services available devoted to naval sector. It is specialised in the offer of small and medium boats for private use, the company is located not too far from the legendary gulf of Baia where, as the legend tells, lays Bajos body, the helmsman of the great captain Ulysses. In addition to have a place rich in mythology, this coast is also famous for its archaeological richness and for its natural volcanic origin that make something unique together with the entire peninsula.

Exactly here, in this symbolic place and thanks to the vivid passion of the owners, Gaia, the naval shipbuilding company has established soon as a highly specialised activity that is rich of services for its customers. It was born thanks to the solid experience in naval sector, in fact, the company guarantees a varied and precis offer of construction, transport and maintenance of boats of all the sea lovers living in Campania and also out of the region, in the whole Peninsula, but potentially in the entire world. The company mainly addresses to private customers who can ask a customised quote according to their specific needs and the unique handcrafting that makes exclusive their boat. Thanks to a dense and intense network of reliable and highly qualified engineers that are constantly updated around last trends and the best technological innovations, it is possible to plan, realise and modify small or medium boats satisfying the desires of anyone.
In particular, the naval company Gaia deals with naval constructions of boat under 24mnetres, among them there are open boats, walk around boats and day cruiser boats and they are realised with the best material available. Moreover, the company does the home delivery of the boats by sea or earth with special vehicles all over the world, garage and storage of boats for the winter break, intervention of maintenance or repairing for all boat components. It is possible, for example to ask for a simple washing with docking or for the covering of the boat with teak and anti-mould or again, for working on hydraulic systems and on the engine.
Every requested operation is done with the maximum care by a highly specialised staff that is able to treat delicately and carefully every part of the boat. Moreover, the staff is available for focused consultations and for the production of a customised quote for any type of requested service.

To get in touch with Gaia Naval Constructions you can go directly in the shipbuilding in via Diocleziano 48 or you can call the numbers: 0039 0817663581, 3932417878, 3336753047 during the opening hours of the offices from the 8am to the 5pm, from Monday to Friday and from the 8am to 2pm on Saturdays.