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Costruzioni navali 

Realize your dream of freedom by purchasing a beautiful boat

Gaia is the naval construction company located in Naples just a few miles from the legendary Bay Harbor and active throughout the year with a range of services fully dedicated to sea-lovers and boat exits. The company is both young and experienced and able to handle 360 ° boats since their birth and for their intense and adventurous navigat

ion life between sweet and caressing breezes, cold winds of sunset, sunshine peak and sea salt brought from the waves.
The shipbuilding company, strong in the owners' specialization, is mainly aimed at private individuals in Campania and the surrounding regions with the construction of small and medium sized boats, tend to be under 24 meters. In addition to the naval construction of these medium floating units, the company is able to provide all its customers with targeted maintenance advice, handle various repairs and tuning of the boat, ensure the transport of 'boat outside the region and take care of the park in winter time.



Naval buildings

The company specializes in shipbuilding and, in particular, the manufacture of Cruiser and Walk Around boats for private customers from all over the world. Used materials are of the utmost quality to ensure maximum reliability at sea and counteract wear, while projects are carefully studied by highly skilled engineers.



If your need is to move your boat you can turn to Gaia.
In fact, the naval company has highly specialized personnel and a solid instrumentation for transferring floats.
Both by sea and by land, you will be able to see directly delivering to your home the boat you have chosen to buy or repair.


Winter skiing boats

In the vast area available at the yard, besides being able to launch your new shipbuilding projects, you can put your boat in the boat and let it rest after an intense season of adventurous sea trips.
To ensure your boat has a break from navigation, you can rely on the Gaia company and ask for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.


Maintenance of boats

In addition to building, delivering your boat home and offering you a sheltered spot during winter, the Gaia Naval Company is able to offer you a 360 ° maintenance service.

Whether it's craftsmanship and carpentry, whether there is a power failure or a new hull painting.
The company is available to take care of your boat.